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Meet Governor
Kristi Noem

Like so many who were raised in South Dakota, the concept of family drives Governor Noem’s principles. The values instilled in her as a child, the ideals she lives by today and the vision she holds for the future are all linked to a strong family foundation. Preserving and strengthening an environment that allows families to thrive is central to achieving that vision, and Governor Noem has proven that a conservative government approach fosters that environment.

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South Dakota Leads the Way in Tourism Growth
In South Dakota, our economy thrives on tourism. With summer right around the corner families from across the country will be traveling to catch a glimpse of South Dakota’s natural beauty. Whether it’s the rugged Badlands or Mount Rushmore set atop one of our state’s highest peaks, Americans will travel from near and far to experience what so many South Dakotans have experienced time and again.
Governor Noem’s Pro-Life Record
Governor Noem has a lifelong commitment to defending innocent life and an extensive record of accomplishments defending innocent unborn life. She has been a leader on the issue both nationally and in South Dakota. Her record of accomplishments and leadership on the issue has made South Dakota one of the nation's most pro-life states.
Kristi Noem Exposes What So Many Get Wrong About Prayer, Public Schools, and the Constitution. And She's Not Backing Down.
South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) believes too many critics misunderstand the First Amendment, particularly regarding the presence of faith in the public square. “I have been, over the last 10 years, just constantly surprised by the amount of people who think that religion and prayer cannot be in our schools,” Noem recently told “The Prodigal Stories Podcast.” “And that that is what our Constitution and Founders intended, which is not true whatsoever.” The governor said the real purpose of the constitutional language surrounding religious freedom was to ensure “our religion could not be unduly burdened by the government.”