Kristi for Governor Campaign Launches New Ad: “Dream On”

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SIOUX FALLS, SOUTHDAKOTA – Today, the Kristi for Governor campaign launched a new ad, “Dream On,” which details what Jamie Smith could do on his first day as Governor if given the opportunity to enact his liberal agenda.  


“Imagine what I[Jamie Smith] could do on my first day as Governor,” the ad dreams. “Taxes, I’ll raise them. Girls’ sports, open them up to men. Vaccine mandates, done. Guns, we’ll take them. But I definitely won’t do anything about illegal immigrants. My buddy, Joe, will be pretty proud of me.”


Every extremist policy position included in the ad is consistent with Jamie Smith’s voting record. To find more information on that record, visit  


“Jamie Smith is too extreme for South Dakota,” said Ian Fury, Communications Director at Kristi for Governor. “The people of South Dakota deserve a governor who will defend our South Dakota way of life and stand up to Joe Biden’s liberal agenda –and they have that in Governor Kristi Noem.”