Kristi for Governor Launches New Ad: “Cutting Taxes. Saving Families.”

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PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA – This past weekend, the Kristi for Governor campaign launched a multi-week six figure ad buy called “Cutting Taxes. Saving Families.” The ad features Governor Noem’s promise to deliver the largest tax cut in South Dakota history by eliminating the sales tax on groceries.

“Under Joe Biden, prices on essentials goods and groceries are skyrocketing,” the ad says, highlighting that milk prices have increased 20%, beef prices have increased 25%, and egg prices have increased 113% since President Biden took office. These data points are according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

“It’s my job as Governor to protect [families],” Governor Kristi Noem says in the ad. “I am promising that we will repeal the grocery food tax and deliver the largest tax cut in the history of the state of South Dakota.” Governor Noem’s remarks were taken from her announcement of the tax cut at Dakota Butcher in Rapid City last Wednesday.

Eliminating the grocery sales tax reduces the tax burden on South Dakotans by $100 million.

You can learn more about Governor Noem’s promise to eliminate the sales tax on groceries here.