Kristi for Governor Launches New Ad: “Hard Work”

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PIERRE,SOUTH DAKOTA – Today, the Kristi for Governor campaign launched a new ad called “Hard Work.” The ad features Governor Noem’s husband, First Gentleman Bryon Noem; and Governor Noem’s brother, Robb Arnold.   


“Kristi has a real true deep desire to help every family in South Dakota,” said Bryon Noem, Governor Noem’s husband. “She loves people. She loves God. She loves her family. And that drives every decision that she makes. She epitomizes what a ‘South Dakotan’ is.”


Since Governor Noem took office, Bryon has focused on highlighting South Dakota’s small towns as part of his “First Gentleman Initiative.”


“I’m very proud of Kristi and what she’s accomplished. I think the hardest part for me is listening to people say things about her that I know are not true,” said Robb Arnold, Governor Noem’s brother.


“Hard work is what defines [Kristi]. She wants less government in people’s lives, allowing people to make their own decisions, and she has upheld that in every situation,” continued Bryon Noem.


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