Kristi for Governor Launches New Ad: “South Dakotans Want Freedom”

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PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA – This week, the Kristi for Governor campaign launched a new ad called “South Dakotans Want Freedom.” The ad features Jennifer Beving, a mom from Rapid City, explaining why she supports Governor Kristi Noem.

“People want Freedom. I’m really thankful for Governor Noem. She is willing to blaze her own path to make sure that South Dakotans have those sorts of freedoms,” says Jennifer Beving in the ad. “I’ll be voting for Governor Noem, and I ask you to join me in voting for her.”

Jennifer also contrasts Governor Noem’s pro-Freedom record with liberal extremist Jamie Smith’s voting record: “Given Jamie Smith’s record, he’s not in touch with the average South Dakotans. He’s spoken in favor of Critical Race Theory. He was pro-mask mandate; pro-vaccine mandate. His views are too extreme for South Dakota."