Kristi for Governor Launches Two New Ads

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PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA – Today, the Kristi for Governor campaign launched a multi-week, six-figure ad buy featuring two new commercials. “Let Freedom Ride” features Al Rieman, owner of Black Hills Harley Davidson, telling how Governor Noem’s leadership has been crucial to his business’s success. “C’mon Man – Educate, Don't Indoctrinate” compares Rep. Jamie Smith’s liberal voting record to President Joe Biden, especially in the area of Critical Race Theory (CRT).  

“Governor Noem’s actions were crucial to keeping the state open – to keeping our business open,” Al Rieman says in the “Let Freedom Ride” ad. “If we had lived under the mandates that were in a lot of other states, it could have shut our business down. I will be supporting Governor Noem, a quintessential South Dakotan.”

In 2021, Black Hills Harley Davidson led the world in Harley sales and broke the record for most revenue in one year at a Harley dealership. In her 2022 State of the State Address, Governor Noem also noted that “In the middle of a dangerous wildfire near Rapid City earlier this year, Black Hills Harley allowed their store to be used as the headquarters for the fire response. They gave our firefighters and first responders free use of their facilities and didn’t ask for anything in return.”

“Jamie Smith even voted to bring CRT to our kids’ classrooms,” the new version of the “C’mon Man” ad states. “Say ‘No’ to Jamie Smith.”

Under Governor Noem’s unwavering conservative leadership, South Dakota is thriving. Because of the Governor’s refusal to accept one-size-fits-all, big government overreach, South Dakota has the best economy in the nation, leads the nation in personal income growth, ranks number for new housing development, and our schoolchildren lead the nation in educational outcomes.

“South Dakota businesses are growing, thriving, and even setting records under Governor Noem’s principled leadership,” said Ian Fury, Communications Director at Kristi for Governor. “While Jamie Smith wants to allow divisive ideas like Critical Race Theory to infiltrate our classrooms, Governor Noem will continue focusing on making South Dakota the strongest state in America.”