Noem finds Biden’s vaccine passports for international travel ‘oppressive’

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - Vaccine passports are un-American, according to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem.

It’s “one of the most un American ideas in our nation’s history,” read a tweet posted on Noem’s personal account. This is separate from her official governor account on the social media website. “We as Americans should oppose this oppression.”

Noem is among a group of Republican politicians rejecting vaccine passports in the United States. She made it clear she doesn’t support making vaccination a requirement to get access to certain events, flights and businesses, calling the idea oppressive and at odds with American values.

In January, Biden ordered the secretaries of Health and Homeland Security, along with the head of the TSA, to begin studying “the feasibility” of creating a vaccine certification program to be required for international travel.


The federal government wouldn’t be responsible for administering vaccine passports, White House staff said. Passports should be enforced through the private sector. Inbound international travelers already have to undergo COVID-19 testing or show proof of recovery from the virus within 90 days before being allowed to enter the United States.

Several other countries have opened travel up to vaccinated foreigners. Japan and China are launching digital-based vaccine passport systems.